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A. F. Carl Wiese Descendents, Wiese, O’levia, 199, H
Americans of Gentle Birth and their Ancestors, Pittman, Mrs. H.D. 1903 S
America’s Best Genealogy Resource Centers, Dollarhide, Wm. 1998 S
Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans, v1, McLane, 1989, S
Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans, v2, McLane, 1989, S
Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans, v3, McLane, 1989 S
Art of Collecting Genealogy and History, Oates, Addison, 1971, S
Atlantic Bridge of Germany, Vol. 1, Hall, Charles M, S
Bladen County, N.C. Abstracts of Early Deeds 1738-1804, Holcomb, Brent, 1979, S
Bladen County, N.C. 1800 county census, Campbell, Wanda, S
1860 Census of Limestone Co., TX, Sharp, Walterine, 1984, S
Cherokee Roots, Vol. 2, western Chrokee rolls, Blankenship, Bob, 1992, S
Civil War in Middle Tennessee, Rutherford Co. Historical Society, P ub. #37, S
DAR Library Catalogue, Vol. l, 1982, H
DAR Patriot Index Supplements, Vol. 1,2, &3
DAR Patriot Index, 1966, H
DAR Patriot Index, 1979, H
DAR Patriot Index, 1986, H
Directory of Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700, Holmes, Frank, 1984, H
Early Georgia Wills & Settlements of Estates, Wilkes Co., Smith, Sara, 1959, S
East Tenn. Historical Soc. Publication #37, 1968, S
Erath Co. TX Census records including the 1860 & 1870 Federal Census, the 1860 Slave List and the 1867 voter registration, Hudson, Weldon, 1981 S
Erath Co., TX Cemetery Inscriptions, 3 vols (1, 2, 3), Hudson, Weldon, 1983, S
1880 Federal census Chariton Co., Mo. Part 1, Couch, May, 1988, H
Fannin County TX Genealogical Quarterly, 1983, #2-3, S
Fort McKavett Texas Post of the San Saba, Bierschwale, 1966, H
Free Negro in the Republic of Texas, Schoen, Harold, 1937, H
First Settlers of the Republic of Texas, v.1, Ericson, 2006, S
Genealogical Gezetter of England, Smith, Frank, 1968, H
Genealogical Records in Texas, Kennedy, Imogen and J.Leon, 1987, H
Genealogical Research Methods and Sources, Amer. Soc. Of Genealogists, 1960 H
Genealogical Researh Vol. 2, Amer. Soc. Of Genealogists, 1971 H
Genealogist’s Companion & Sourcebook, Croom, Emily, 1994 S
Genealogist’s Handbook for New England Research, Melnyk, Marcia, 1999, H
Georgians, Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers, Austin, Jeannette, 1984, H
Heads of families of first census of US, 1790, Vermont, 1993, S
Henry Co., Ohio 1870 Census, Vol. 3, Badenhop, Stephen, 2003
History of Dickens Co., TX: Ranches and Rolling Plains, Arrington, Fred, 1971 H
History of Halifax Co., Va., Carrington, Wirt, 1969, H
History of Rusk County, TX, Winfrey, Dorman, 1961, H
History of Texas Society DAR 1929-1974, DAR, 1975, H
Home Builders of West Texas, Hill, 1938, H
House on the Hill (Rutherford Co., Tn.), Pub. 39, H
How to Locate Anyone who has been in the Military, Johnson, Richard, 1989 S
Huguenot Book 1, Huguenot Society, 1924, S
Huguenot Book 2, Huguenot Society, 1927, S
Idaho vital statistics, Vol. 1: cemetery records, Idaho Genealogical Society, S
Index to the 3 volumes of Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans, McLane, 1988, S
Index to the Virginia Revolutionary “Publick” Claims County Booklets, Abercrombie, Janice, 1993, S
Index to Probate Cases filed in Texas: Bowie Co., 1972, S
Indians From New Yorkin Ontario and Quebec, Canada: A Genealogy Regerence v.2, Prevost, Toni, 1995, S
Jury Lists of South arolina 1778-1779, 1975 H
Kentucky Vital Records, Adair Co. 1852-1878, Ingmire, 1981, S
Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records, McAdams, 1929, H
Lady with the Pen: Elise Waerenskjold in Texas, Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1961, H
Lafayette Co, Fla. Marriage records1857-1996: Index, 2 copies, Paulk, Jessie, 1997, H
Library, a Guide to LDS Family History Library, Cerny, Johni, 1988, H
Managing a Genealogical Project: A Complete Manual for the Management and Organization of Genealogical Materials, Dollarhide, Wm. 1989, S
Marriage Book A – 1804-1821, Clarke Co. Ga., Warren, Mary, 1966, S
Marriage Bonds and Ministers’ Returns of Halifax Co., Va 1753-1800, Knorr, Catherine, 1957, H
Marriage Records of Hopkins Co. TX 1846-1880, Ingmire, Frances, 1979, S
Marriages of Grainger Co., TN 1796-1837, Whitley, Edythe, 1982, S
Maryland Original Research Commission Bulletins 1-3, Richardson, Albert, 1906/1979, H
Mayflower Families through 5 Generations, Vol. 2, 1978, H
Mendon constitution (newspaper), Mendon, MO, Anniversaries & Marriages 1920-1941, Couch, May, S
Migration, Emigration, Immigration to the US, Miller, Olga, 1974, S
Missourians in the Civil War, Consolidated Index (4 volumes - 1-11, 12-20, 21-27, 28-33), Weant, Kenneth, 2016, H
Moody Family, Moody, Avery T, 1983 S
More Psychic Roots: Further Adventures in Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy, Jones, Henry, 1997 S
My Ancestors came with the conqueror, Camp, Anthony, 1990, S
Names in S.C., Univ. of S.C., 1968-1973, H
Names in S.C., Univ. of S. C., 1972-1976, H
New Homes in a New Land: German Immigration to Texas 1847-1861, Geue, 1970, H
North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register V.1 1900, Hathaway, 1900, H
N. Carolina Genealogical Research, Schweitzer, George K, 1996 S
Obituaries from “Deshler Flag,” Deshler, Ohio 1981-1985, Ohio Genealogical Society, 1991, S
100 Years of faith: St. Thomas More Cath. Parish, Brookings, S.D, 1904-2004, H
100 Years of Hilda (Bethel) Methodist church and parent organizations 1856-1955, DeVos, Julius, 1973, S
Out Yonder Revisited, McSwain, Ross, 1988 H
Palatine Church visitations 1609, Deanery of Kusel, Staudt, Ricardo, 1998, S
Polignac’s Texas Brigade, Barr, 1964, H
Presidio La Bahia del Espiritu Santo de Zuniga 1721-1846, O’Conner, Kathryn, 1966,S
Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy, Jones, Henry, 1993 S
Quarterly of Texas State Historical Assn., Rather, 1968, S
Register of Deeds, Orange Co, N.C. 1752-1768 & 1793, Weeks, Eve, 1984 S
Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster & America, Bolton, Charles, 1910/1989, S
Selected Bibliography of Virginia, 1607-1699, Swem, E.G. 1957 S
Sequoyah Co., OK Marriages Books 3 & 4, Vol. 2, Ellsworth, Carole, 2005, S
Sons of Republic of Texas 1994 Handbook, S
Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly # 41-44, Shaw, Aurora, 1967 H
Story of Bell County Texas v.1, Bell Co. Hist. Commission, 1998, H
Story of Bell County Texas v. 2, Bell Co. Hist. Commission, 1998, H
Survey of American Church Records, Kirkham, E. Kay, 1959, H
Tate Co., MS, White Marriages, Vol 2 1901-1930, Tate Co. Genealogical Society, 1990, H
Taylor Co., Fla., Marriage records 1857-1957, Index, 2 copies, Paulk, Jessie, 2001, H
Tennessee Ancestors v. 18, 2002, E Tenn. Hist. Soc. 2002, H
Tennessee Genealogical Research, Schweitzer, George, 1983, S
They Went Thataway, vol. 2, Hamlin, Charles 1956 S
They Went Thataway, vol. 3, Hamlin, Charles 1966 S
Tippah Co. MS, Marriage Records 1900-1909, Lockhart, Tommy, 1975, S
Tippah Co. MS, Death Notices, Vol. 2 1915-1936, Martini, Don, S
Tippah Co. MS, Death, Estate Notices, Vol. 33, 1980, S
Topical Index to Central Texas Genealogical Society quarterlies, 1958-1993, Tracing your Ancestry, Helmbold, Wilbur, 1976, S
Virginia Publick Claims, 9 separate books for the counties of Spotsylvania, Prince Edward, Norfolk, Middlesex, Hanover, Goochland, Fluvanna, Charlotte, and Charles City County, Abercrombie, Janice, 1992, S
Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800, Torrence, Clayton, 1930, H
War of 1812 Genealogy, Schweitzer, George K, 1995, S
Wills and Administrations of Clinton Co. Mo. 1833-1870, Carr, Nanon, 1954, S
Winthrop Fleet of 1630, Banks, Charles, 1980, S

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